Angular JS API

API is Application Programming Interface.

API is a group of java script functions that performs a common task like data conversion,objects iteration or comparing objects etc

angular.lowercase: converts a string to lowercase

angular.uppercase: converts a string to uppercase

angular.isstring(): it returns true if the reference is a string

angular.isNumber: it returns true if the reference is Number


 <div ng-controller="MyController1">
      <div>First name: {{person.firstname|uppercase}}</div>
      <div>Last name: {{person.lastname|lowercase}}</div>
      <div>welcome {{person.firstname}} {{person.lastname}} </div>

var MyController1 = function($scope)
 var person =
 firstname: "Tech",
 lastname: "Katak"


First name: TECH
Last name: katak
welcome Tech Katak

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