MVC Tutorials

Reference Materials to Learn MVC:

  1. Introduction to MVC:
  2. Application Life Cycle in MVC :
  3. MVC3 vs MVC4 vs MVC 5 vs MVC 6:
  4. ASPX View Engine vs Razor View Engine:
  5. WebForm vs MVC:
  6. Scaffolding in MVC:
  7. ViewData,ViewBag and TempData:
  8. Core features of MVC:
  9. HTML Helper in MVC:
  10. Controller and Action Methods in MVC:
  11. Action Filters in MVC:
  12. Routing in MVC:
  13. Identity:
  14. Partial views in MVC:
  15. MVC Overview:
  16. Getting Started Tutorial:
  17. MVC Framework:
  18. MVC 4 note release:
  19. Walkthrough: Using TDD with ASP.NET MVC:
  20. MVC Mode validation:
  21. EF code first:
  22. Dependency Injection In MVC:
  23. MVC3 Service Location:
  24. Unobtrusive Client Validation in ASP.NET MVC 3:
  25. Overriding Unobtrusive Client Side Validation Settings in ASP.NET MVC 4:
  26. Auto mapper from domain model to view model:
  27. MVC Templates:
  28. Custom Membership provider:
  29. MVC custom validation:
  30. CMS in MVC:
  31. Model binding to a List:
  33. Advance MVC3 video:
  34. Evolving Practices in Using jQuery and Ajax in ASP.NET MVC Applications:
  35. MVC level 200-300 Book: Pro MVC Framework.
  36. NuGet:

Useful tools in MVC:

Firebug and fiddler. Glimpse: allows you to debug your Web App/Service right in the browser, In other words what Firebug is to debugging your client side code, Glimpse is to debugging your server within the client.

Elmah is an application-wide error logging facility that is completely pluggable.


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