Design pattern interview questions

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  Decorator design pattern The decorator design pattern attaches responsibilities to objects at runtime. BufferedInputStream in is an example of Decorator. It wraps around a InputStream and provide additional buffering functionality.   If two different classloaders load a singleton class, would they load it twice ? Two objects loaded by different class loaders are […]

J2EE Interview Questions – part 2

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  Click on below link to see part 1 of the J2EE interview questions:  J2EE Interview Questions   Here are the next set of J2EE interview questions & answers.   Difference between HTTPServlet and GenericServlet GenericServlet is protocol independent. HttpServlet extends GenericServlet and provides support HTTP protocol specific methods like goGet() and doPost().   Difference between […]

J2EE Interview questions

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HTTP is a stateless protocol. So, how to maintain state between requests in J2ee ? State can be maintained in following ways: HttpSession Hidden Field URL Rewriting Cookies Hidden fields on the page can maintain state and they aren’t visible on the browser. The downside is they may expose sensitive information. In URL rewriting, sensitive […]

Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers for Project Managers

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Here are some interview questions and answers for Project Managers.   Tell us about yourself: This is the most common way the interview starts. Obviously you have to introduce your self, but here are few others things pay attention to: Be brief regarding your profile and avoid things like hobbies unless specifically asked. It is […]

Top 20 Mongo DB interview questions

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How to create database in Mongo DB? use DATABASE_NAME 2.How to list all available database in Mongo DB? show dbs How to drop database in Mongo DB? db.dropDatabase() How to create collection in Mongo DB? db.createCollection(name, options) Desc: Name:String:Name of the collection to be created Options:Document (Optional): Specify options about memory size and indexing Options […]

Hadoop Interview Questions

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Q : What is a Namenode? A : Namenode is the master node on which Resource manager runs. It contains metadata about data present in datanodes. It maintains and manages the blocks which are present on the datanodes. It is a high-availability machine and single point of failure in HDFS.   Q : Is Secondary Name […]

Top 25 AngularJS Interview questions

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What is AngularJS? Angular JS is a Javascript framework. Angular JS extends HTML with ng-directives. The ng-app directive defines an AngularJS application. The ng-model directive binds the value of HTML controls (input, select, textarea) to application data. The ng-bind directive binds application data to the HTML view. Why to use AngularJS or what all are […]