Top 20 Razor and MVC interview questions

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What is MVC programming model?  It is a framework to build web applications.  Model represents application core  View displays data  controller handles the input   What is Razor? razor is a server side mark up language. It allows you to embed the server side code in web pages.When a web page is called, […]

Top 10 .net interview questions

Posted 4 CommentsPosted in,, Interview questions web form MVC Page controller pattern that means an implicit controller (code behind) would process the request Front controller pattern that means an explicit controller would be there to process the request web form has user controls for code reusability Partial views has code reusability view and controllers are not separated view and […]

nth highest salary in Oracle – Interview question

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Below are the ways to retrieve nth highest salary for Employees Option 1: SELECT MAX(Salary) FROM Employee WHERE Salary NOT IN (SELECT MAX(Salary) FROM Employee ) Option 2: SELECT MAX(Salary) from Employee WHERE Salary <> (select MAX(Salary) from Employee ) Option 3: SELECT * /This is the outer query part */ FROM Employee Emp1 WHERE […]

Top 10 Oracle SQL Interview questions

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Delete Truncate Delete is a DML statement Truncate is a DDL statement Deletes all data or based on condition and needs an explicit commit or rollback Removes all data from table and commit/rollback not required Data can be rolledback. Data can’t be rolled back. Truncate deletes data permanently You can use condition(Where clause) in Delete […]

Java Interview Questions

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For questions on Java Collections, see this post Java Collection Interview Questions. What is Null Pointer Exception in Java when there are no pointers in Java? When you declare a reference variable (i.e. an object) you are really creating a pointer to an object. Integer value; Here, we declare a variable named value, and it contains […]

Hibernate interview questions

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What is Hibernate ? Hibernate is an ORM tool that maps POJOs to tables in relational database. The mapping is done through a xml configuration file or through annotations.   What is ORM ? Object Relational Mapping frameworks like Hibernate, IBatis etc provide mapping between code and tables. This helps productivity as the developers can focus […]

Spring Interview questions

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What is Dependency Injection in Spring ? Dependency injection helps you to avoid unnecessary creation and lookup code in your application. If a class X, requires Class Y’s functionalities, we don’t have to write code to create class Y’s instance . Spring framework uses Dependency Injection and injects object of Y into object of X […]