fibonacci series in java

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This post addresses the following : – What is Fibonacci sequence – Write a java program for Fibonacci sequence – Fibonacci sequence in java   Fibonacci Series   Fibonacci series is a list of numbers, where next value in the series is the sum of previous two values.   In function notation, it is represented […]

Spring MVC Basics

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This post will help if you are looking for the following : An introduction to Spring MVC Understanding Spring MVC concepts Understand flow of execution in Spring MVC Understand basics of Spring MVC   MVC Pattern In Model View Controller pattern: Model represents application’s data and business logic. View is the visual representation of data […]

Spring MVC Hello World

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In this Hello World MVC application, we will display Hello World message on the browser, when the user accesses the url.   Here are the tools we are using for this project: Eclipse Kepler Java EE IDE Tomcat 7 Maven JDK 1.7   Here is a brief of the steps required for the project : […]

Java 8 Lambda expressions

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What is Lambda expression in Java ? A Lambda expression represents an Anonymous function. Anonymous method concept is similar to that of an Anonymous class… the difference being it implements a functional interface. Functional interface is a new interface concept in Java 8. A functional interface can only declare one abstract method. Lambda expressions allow […]

Java 8 interface new features

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Default interface methods Prior to Java 8, an Interface could only have public abstract methods.   The implementing class for this interface was supposed to provided implementation for each of the abstract methods or declare itself as abstract.   With Java 8, an Interface can also contain public default methods with concrete implementations.   An […]

Encapsulation in Object Oriented programming

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This article explains following concepts : What is encapsulation ? How is encapsulation different from abstraction ?   Encapsulation: Encapsulation means working as a container for data or objects. In Java, Classes encapsulate properties and method by working as a container for them. Packages work as encapsulation for related classes.   Encapsulation can be used […]

Abstraction in Object Oriented programming

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This article explains the following concepts : What is abstraction ? Benefits of abstraction Data abstraction Procedural abstraction   Abstraction Abstraction means focusing on required details and ignoring unnecessary details. In simple terms, it means hiding a subprogram details or data details so that the focus can be on relevant issues. Abstraction can be classified […]