Abstract class in ASP.net

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Abstract Class: An abstract class means no object of this class can be instantiated, but can make derivations of this.’Abstract’ modifier is used to create abstract class in .net. Example: abstract class techkatakClass { } An abstract class can contain either abstract methods or non abstract methods. Abstract members do not have any implementation in […]

WCF Architecture

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WCF has a layered architecture. It has application layer,Contracts, messaging and activation and hosting layer. Contracts and Descriptions: Contracts defines the ¬†various service operations. The data exchanged by a service with Client¬†is defined by a data contract. Both the client and the service has to be in agreement with the data contract. The message parameters […]

Create,Test and Access WCF web service in DOT NET 4.5

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How to create a WCF web service using C# Here are the steps to create a simple WCF web service in C#. Open visual studio .net Click on File–>New–>Project Select C#–>WCF–>WCF service Library   For any service there should be an operation contract and operation contract attributes defined Make the change in contract: change int […]