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Loops in ASP.net Razor

Statements can be executed repeatedly in loops.

For Loops:
If you need to run the same statements repeatedly, you can program a loop.

If you know how many times you want to loop, you can use a for loop. This kind of loop is especially useful for counting up or counting down:


For Each Loops:
If you work with a collection or an array, you often use a for each loop.

A collection is a group of similar objects, and the for each loop lets you carry out a task on each item. The for each loop walks through a collection until it is finished.

The example below walks through the ASP.NET Request.ServerVariables collection.


While Loops:
The while loop is a general purpose loop.

A while loop begins with the while keyword, followed by parentheses, where you specify how long the loop continues, then a block to repeat.

While loops typically add to, or subtract from, a variable used for counting.

In the example below, the += operator adds 1 to the variable i, each time the loop runs.



An array is useful when you want to store similar variables but don’t want to create a separate variable for each of them:


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