Predictive Intelligence makes Email marketing more effective

Email and social media are like two sides of a coin.

Email and Social Media compliment each other’s efforts to drive sales for the company.

Email marketing is one of the most widely used tools of e-commerce and is the basis of one-on-one interactions with customers.

Email marketing has become a huge element of any social media marketing campaign.

Predictive intelligence can prove to be an effective strategy in such a scenario.

What is predictive intelligence?

It is the ability to predict the right message, channel and timing for each customer experience.
The ability to collect real-time data about the customer’s choices, purchase behavior, lifestyle and to use this data to increase the rate of conversion is predictive intelligence.

Techniques to get the best results from predictive intelligence analytics:

Single View Of The Customer:

If personalized email messaging is a basic requirement now as generic ‘push’ emails will just not work, data has a pivotal role to play.

But if data is available in bits and pieces across time, it does not help.

A single view of the customer’s preferences in terms of behavior, choices, lifestyles and other customer relationship management data is required to make predictive intelligence work.

Based on such an integrated view, the actionable outline becomes more accurate and specific.

Alter The Traditional Mass Email Method:

Using predictive intelligence for email marketing involves reacting real-time to certain cues that you may receive from the customer.

Whenever the customer reaches a crucial instant while browsing on a site or app, you could send a targeted email then.

Example: a customer seems to be looking for a dress and also adds some collections to his cart.
He then abandons the cart suddenly. You can send him an email with some other options in the brands and details about a particular style when it’s back in stock.
Such customized inputs is what customers are looking for. Predictive intelligence could be driving sales, engagement or customer relations.

Observe Customers Behaviour On Your Website

Customers like to do research before buying a product or service.
Marketers have to step up their act to attract customers.
Just email analytics will not suffice the need for predictive intelligence to produce wild results.
Observing what a customer does on your website will provide a deep insight into their buying behavior like reasons for buying,the frequency of buying and the method of buying.

Streamline Your Marketing Budget

Once you know the way by which your customers buy their products, you can channelize your marketing budget for a higher return on investment.
You will become better at choosing the appropriate events to participate in, and how to use external services to improve the outcome of direct email campaigns.
You may even end up experiencing a cost reduction in the overall campaign.

Activate Customers & Optimize Inventory

As a marketer, there may be numerous seasons where you are left with excess stocks or stocks with a limited shelf life.
Here, predictive intelligence can play a vital role.
By creating a segment of customers who have been dormant and by analyzing their buying trends, some of this stock could be pushed to them with heavy discounts, creating a win-win situation. With data available, strategic innovations are left to you.
Remember, the cost of acquiring a new customer is much higher than offering a promotional incentive to an existing one. Use carrots like a promo code or discount coupon to wake them up from their buying slumber.

Business analytics and social media marketing analytics have great demand for individuals with skills in predictive analytics.

If you enjoy big data, data science, coding, statistics and math, this field could be an apt career choice for you.

The job roles are like Cyber Predictive Intelligence Analysts and Predictive Modelers.

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