WCF Data Contract and Data Member(Part-6)

WCF Data Contract is a formal agreement between a service and client that defines the data to be exchanged. Data Contract can be either Implicit or Explicit.

Data Contract defines:

  • The Structure and Type of data for the message
  • External Format of Data passed to/from service
  • Defines how data types are Serialized or Deserialized

System.Runtime.Serialization assemblies in .net holds data contract and data members.

Serialization is a process of converting an object into XML and Deserialization is creating object from XML. Default, WCF uses DataContractSerialzer.

Let’s create a Project in Visual studio to understand it better.

Visual studio–>File–>project–>class Library–>Rename to CustomerService

Delete the default class Class1.cs and Add a WCF service and name it to Customer service.So CustomerService.cs and ICustomerService.cs would be created.

Add the Service Contract,Data Contract and Data members in ICustomerService.cs as bgiven below.


In CustomerService.cs, let’s Implement the GetCustomerDetails method.

From client side, you can create a proxy of this service and test it.

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