WCF Single WSDL File

As we know that with previous versions of WCF, WSDL (Web Service Description Language) file does not contain Data Contracts of the service.

XSD files contains the Data Contracts and WSDL has import directives for the those XSD files.

Due to this dependency on other files, processing of such WSDL file by some third-party was not possible.
But now with Windows Communication Foundation v4.5, all WSDL information is returned in one single document including Data Contracts.
Now when we browse to WCF 4.5 service metadata URL, we have two options as follows:
Using the second option, we can generate a single WSDL file containing Data Contracts instead of additional references for XSD files.
  1. Improved interoperability support for all the third party WSDL processing which have been unable in the past to consume a WCF modular WSDL without running into issues.
  2. No more problems when the xsd:import referred to some internal location because say the WCF service was behind a firewall producing a WSDL with schemaLocations pointing to unresolvable URIs and thereby requiring manual correction in the entire downloaded WSDL and all the referenced files as well.
  3. No more dealing with  whole files when downloading the metadata from a complex service now that the entire metadata is contained within a single WSDL file now.

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