What is a windows service(Part-18)

In this article,we will cover what is a windows service?
How is it different from regular applications?
What is the use of windows service?
How to view all the services installed on a windows machine?

Windows service is an application or program running on a windows machine.

  • Windows service runs in the background
  • They can be configured start automatically when systemstarts
  • They don’t have user interface

To view all the services installed in windows machine:

  • you can go to Start–>Run window or Windows+R key
  • In run windows, type services.mac and it would open a services window with list of all services running in that machine

Use of Windows service:

  • Event Logging
  • Providing Security
  • Error reporting

How to configure the windows Service to start automatically?

  • Go to the service window
  • Right click on any service and go to properties
  • In General tab set the startup type to Automatic
  • If the start up type is manual then the service won’t start automatically and we need to start those manually
  • To start/stop the service manually: Right click on service and choose start/stop option
  • You can configure the security login credentials in Logon tab
  • In Recovery tab, you can define next action like restarting service,restart another service,no action etc if service fails

When to create a Windows service?

  • When no user interaction is required
  • To monitor performance
  • To host a WCF service
  • When the process can execute in background

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