Windows 10 features

Microsoft is launching its new operating system Windows 10 on July 29 2015. Microsoft is providing it as a free upgrade to Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users.




Here are the latest features :

Cortana available on Desktop now:

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana that was earlier available in windows phone only will now be available in Windows 10.

It will be available alongside the Start menu on the taskbar.

It can handled variety of tasks from finding your PowerPoint slides to running your favorite music.


Continuum feature to switch from phone or tablet to PC
This dynamically shifts the windows 10 interface from Modern UI to desktop depending on whether you are using a touchscreen device or desktop.


Microsoft Edge Browser .. also called Spartan browser

Windows 10 will add a new lightweight browser called Spartan.

Spartan features include features like :

– You can read articles free of distraction using a reading mode that can remove the ads and sidebar and display only the content like a book,

– You can write or type notes on a page and share the comments version of the page with others.

  • Cortana integration enabling doing actions like restaurant reservation while you are on a page without leaving it.


Start menu is back

With windows 10, the Start menu is back in an expanded form. This is one thing lot of Windows user complained about the previous versions.


Other noteworthy features  include bringing Xbox to Windows 10, a new Windows store and a single view display for all tasks or up to 4 apps.


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