WSDL contract structure for Hello service

In the below post, we created a JAX WS service.

JAX WS Hello World using Eclipse

We used below url to get the WSDL for Hello Service.


Here is the WSDL we generated for Hello service in this post :

The below section provides an understanding of the elements in this WSDL:


This is the root element in a WSDL.
This contains the Service name and namespace.


This is an optional element under definitions.
This contains or provides a link to the XML the schema.


Lists the messages whose datatypes are given in the Types section.

portType :

The portType element informs the programmer about what calls can be made against the service.
It lists the service operation and input/output message for it.

Binding :

Provides implementation details such as
– Transport used (HTTP in this case)
– SOAP version


Service section gives the service endpoint, the URL through which the service can be reached.

The first 3 sections (definitions, types and message) describe the service abstractly without providing any implementation details.
The binding and service sections provide concrete details by providing information like transport protocol and service end point.

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